What is the LED Neon Ribbon Light

What is the LED Neon Ribbon Light

Led Neon Ribbon Light, also known as flexible neon tube, is the latest, is also the hottest led breakthrough products, it appears to make up for glass neon tubes and optical fiber deficiencies, and thus completely replaced

The product advantages

1,Safe bottom voltage, power consumption is small, because the light source is led, so even in the case of 24V, it can work normally, the consumption is 10w/m


2,High brightness, the light source is imported ultra-high brightness LED series, 120led/meters or 144led/ M's encryption arrangement is the overall luminous effect and the high brightness fundamental guarantee


3,Longevity and durability:

On the basis of LED technology with new structure, so that the lamp in any case can reach 100,000 hours of super long service life, relative to the glass neon, its durability without doubt, because there is no need to take into account the crushing of glass neon (silicone/PVC lamp body),the soarlight is one of the professional manufacturer for LED silicone/pvc neon ribbon light, led waterproof strip light, indoor lights , outdoor lights



Flexible LED light can save more than 70% of energy consumption cost


5,soft: Flexible light, it can be the smallest bending to the diameter of 8CM, and can be cut at any of the scissors, so to bend into a variety of text, graphics


6,Security: Its not like the glass neon needs 15000V of high voltage as normal operation , but flexible led in the case of 24V low voltage can also operate normally, coupled with its shockproof, temperature, salt-resistant, acid and alkali characteristics.

Transportation and installation:

because it is similar to the ordinary rainbow tube in nature, so that its safe and convenient like rainbow tube, with a special card slot, the installation of the first card slot to be nailed, and then the card can be installed, and ordinary wire installation as convenient and reliable.



widely used in contour contour, stair, Booth, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative Lighting