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Techinical Specification Sheet of Intelligent 1500mm 24W Microwave Sensor T8 LED Tubes


Power 24W
Standby Power 5-7W
Luminous Efficacy at 5000K 95LM/W
Input Voltage AC100-277V
CCT 2700-6500K
Power Factor >0.9
Beam Angle 180°
Induction Beam Angle 115°
CRI >70Ra/>80Ra
Ingress Protection IP44
Junction Temperature <61℃(Ta=30℃)


Lifespan ﹥50000Hrs(Ta=30℃ @L70)
Application Parking lots, school, public area.
Main Materials AL6061, PC
Dimension Ф32.5*28.5*1498±1mm

Installation Steps(double ends powered input):

 Turn off the electricity supply before installation.
 Make sure the circuit of the base is as following A2 and B2. For old circuit originally for
conventional T8/T10 fluorescent, please following the illustrated steps to adjust the circuit as follow.
High Efficient G13 Dimmable Microwave Sensor LED Tube T8 Intelligent 5FT 24W

 For Figure A1 circuit, after removing the starter, the LED tube can be installed directly onto the G13
base(see Figure A2).
 For Figure B1 circuit, please removing the electronic ballast, and connect L and N to the joints in
the base separately (see Figure B2).
 After adjusting the circuit, install the LED tube in the same way as installing the traditional
fluorescent tube light. Turn on the power supply of the base to check whether the tube light is
working properly or not.
Installation steps(single end powered input):
Before installing our LED tubes, please rewire as following,
High Efficient G13 Dimmable Microwave Sensor LED Tube T8 Intelligent 5FT 24W

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