Product Description


1. Elegant Integrated Design,easy to transport, install and maintance

2. Constant current discharge stable lighting + Remote Control + Night sensor + Time Controller

3. Professinal light distribution for wide lighting

4. Support 3 nights after full charging

5. Easy to install and Auto on/off

6. High efficiency Monocrystalline sillicon Solar Panel to generate electricity (Higher efficiency than Polysillicon)

7. Lithium battery with better Weatherability Than other battery.

8. Aluminum alloy case, Anodic oxidation process bring high corrosion resistance

9. Thick installation base and brackets bring better wind resistance

10. As Solar products: Eco-friendy, Absorb clean energy-solar energy to generate electricity; no need cables, save cost and time; Bring lighting for area where lack of electricity.

11. Dusk to dawn + Time controll(5hrs High Bright + 7hrs 25% Dim Light =12hrs /night)

12. For this type of light, we have 15 W, 20 W, and 30 W for your choice.

Power 15W/20W/30W
Lumen(LM) 100LM/W
Colour Tempreture 2700K ~6500K
Li-ion Battery 144WH/320WH/420WH 12V 
Solar Panel Imported High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
(Life time 25 years)
Solar Charging Time 9-10 hours by bright sunlight
Cloudy/Rainy days 3 Cloudy/Rainy days
Material High Class Aluminum(Anodic oxidation process)
Motion sensor No
Remote Control Yes
Waterproof IP65
Working Tempreture -25 to 65 
Certificates CE,ROHS,IP65
Warranty 2 years


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